How to Start Building a Profitable Side Hustle

How to Start Building a Profitable Side Hustle: Followers, Likes and Trust

Building a profitable side hustle starts with building trust with people. When you have followers and likes on your social media accounts, it is easier to earn the trust of others. To get started building your Side Hustle, follow these five steps.

Step One: Start a blog or website. Becoming an authority in one area where you’re passionate about can be the foundation for your Side Hustle, and it allows you to start earning money right away through affiliate marketing offers from big companies like Blogging is also a great way to get feedback on what other people want, which will help shape your new business idea even further as time goes on and you start hearing more customer needs from their mouths instead of just their emails or tweets!

Step Two: Build up followers by interacting with them daily, essentially being “on-call” at all times via social media platforms to respond immediately if they have any questions or comments. Building interaction with your posts is key to creating a following.

Build up Likes by interacting with your followers, but also offer incentives to Like posts. An example of a good incentive would be something like “liking and sharing this post will enter you in the raffle for one free hour of my time!” or “like, share, and follow me on Instagram if you want to win new Nike shoes every month from now until forever.” Sharing valuable content is another great way to build likes because it shows people that their thoughts are valued as well as generating shares too.

Step Three: Increase your following by being consistent and adding new content every week at least. Start building trust through consistency. People need to know they can count on what you do so make sure everything is done professionally – consistently throughout all social media platforms.

Step Four: Interact with influencers in your niche who have the potential to bring you lots of exposure, for example, if you’re a pet blogger, reach out to dog or cat owners on Twitter. If you are a technology geek, find other technology bloggers that have a similar audience and reach out to them. And be consistent with everything; posting regularly on social media platforms should feel natural.

As mentioned in Steps One & Two, the most important thing for your business at this point is consistency. Try not to miss any days so you

Step Five: Respond to comments from followers as soon as possible – be sure that this is always done within 24 hours! This will show readers they are appreciated and generate more engagement once these people see how quickly their concerns were dealt with. Please take the time to learn more about things that are important to them.

One Last Tip!: There are also tons of ways for bloggers and site operators to make money through affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, which means all they need is traffic coming into their website. Getting people to read your posts can be challenging.

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Have a great day and let me know if you any questions about starting a profitable Side Hustle.

Talk soon,

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How to Start Building a Profitable Side Hustle

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