5 Quick Tips to Getting Rid of Spyware on Windows 10

Here are five easy tips for removing spyware.

1) Check your computer’s start-up programs to ensure they’re not auto loading, which slows down boot time and consumes resources unnecessarily.

2) Protect yourself from phishing email scams by checking the URL in the address bar of every website you visit, as well as any links contained within a message before proceeding further (phishers often steal personal information).

3) Scan with antivirus software regularly so that it can identify potential threats on their own without prompting user notification or intervention; this also protects against ransomware attacks such as CryptoLocker.

4) Scrub search engine results for websites other than Google and Bing when using Safari.

5 ) Ensure free online storage space is encrypted if storing passwords there.

Don Shults


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